Global Reggae Music Awards Launch

Global Reggae Music Awards Launch

13 Oct 17:00 - 14 Oct 02:00 - Kingston
Kingston, Jamaica

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We are pleased to announce to the friends and supporters of reggae music the launching of Global Reggae Music Awards (GRMA).
The mission of Global Reggae Music Awards (GRMA) established in 2017, acknowledges and honors the accomplishments and contributions of Reggae and global music artistes, including: songwriters, performers, musicians, radio personalities and promoters. The purpose of GRMA is to promote greater participation and acceptance of Reggae and Caribbean music globally.
Reggae music has been known, listened to and played universally, the time has come for reggae music to have its own award the same as the Grammy and Juno that acknowledged other genre of music. GRMA will bring together the best and the most talented in the world’s music. This event harmonizes the industry’s most prominent world entertainers from across the globe and recognizes their accomplishments. Prior to the event, throughout the event and post event, the sponsors’ contributions and supporters will be recognized and awarded for their contributions to Reggae Music.

We will be hosting this prestigious even in Kingston Jamaica October 2018. More details will be announced soon.
We invite everyone such as managers, musicians, promoters, band members and artistes to visit our website and nominate yourselves.
We also value your opinions, please give us your feedback.

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